KM Custom Strap Program Policy:

By ordering a custom KM google strap the consumer agrees to take full responsibility and indemnify KM for any claims made by a third party that any part of the personalization created by the customer infringes the rights or otherwise damages the third party. KM reserves the right to reuse any orders that contain wording, images infringing on others rights or disparaging to the KM brand.

Disclaimer: KM goggle straps may not fit nor be used in conjunction with all goggles. Our 7, 9 and 12-inch straps are assembled with butterfly ends. You must insert the butterfly ends of the straps into the slot where the existing straps are installed. Butterfly ends must be completely installed through the slots for proper use. Physical abuse to or misuse of the product may cause malfunction and or injury. Knowledge of the proper use of the product is a pre-requisite to purchase resale.

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